On Being Authentic

It’s a crazy world out there. Everyone has opinions on everything – looks, clothing, food, work, exercise, and all the rest of it. To add to the crazy, everyone can share their opinions whenever they want. Just think about that for a minute. Does it make your head spin, because it makes my head spin.

The opinions and ideas of others are a part of life, and sometimes they’re really important. But at the end of the day, the most important voice, the most important opinion, is yours.

You know you better than anyone. It might be, when life is chaotic, that that’s hard to believe. Sometimes it’s hard to trust yourself, or to know what authentic is. Especially when you’re younger and still figuring everything out, knowing what authentic means to you can be hard. Sometimes I’m still figuring out what authentic means for me, for my life.

But when you do know what authentic means to you, follow that path. For me that might mean quiet nights in, building this blog, coloring. Figure out what authentic means for you. Follow that path. And please, share with me.



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