February Intro

The simple truth is that it’s February now. Some of us love this month and some of us not so much. For sure the struggle is real. February is the shortest month, the weather is typically dreary, and there’s Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can be a pretty real struggle.

The thing is, it’s easy to get caught up what everyone says Valentine’s Day is about. Everyone says that it’s about romance and love and having a significant other. There’s cards and candy and movies and a whole lot of other stuff that sends that particular message out into the world.

And there’s nothing wrong with that message.

But the thing to remember is that it’s not the only message.

Valentine’s Day is about love. But it really should be about all different types of love. Because the world is filled with all different types of good, healthy, beautiful love. And we need to honor that.

There is, obviously, romantic love, but even the image of that has changed over time. We need to respect and love that.

There’s the love between siblings.

There’s the love between parent and child.

There’s the love between family.

There’s self love.

There’s love between friends.

There’s the love one has for a pet.

And those aren’t all the types of love, but they’re some of the big ones. The world is filled with so many types of love, and society needs to start recognizing and loving that.

So here’s my challenge for you this month. Practice and honor all the different types of love that you can. I know I will be. And share with me what you’re doing.



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