Bullet Journaling

I don’t think it comes as any sort of surprise that I love bullet journaling. But if it does, my fabulous readers, let me back up and explain.

I’ve always love all things office supplies. And since my life operates around a school year calendar, I’ve always had a planner come July or August that’s been new and exciting and waiting for me. Planners are what keep me organized and happy and on point. If it isn’t in my planner, it isn’t happening.

This year, I bought a new planner in July and used it diligently in July and August. But then I started teaching and my life was super crazy. So crazy that my planer fell to the wayside. This in turn meant that my chaotic life became even more chaotic. Something needed to be done.

I’d read a lot about bullet journals and bullet journaling. And I was intrigued but hadn’t made any type of move to embrace this method. I like having my planners put together for me. I didn’t want to be in charge of creating and filling my planner. But I desperately wanted to try something new. So in January I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and I began my bullet journal.

I love it. I love having my schedule and my to do list all in one place. I love having control over how it looks. I love having my collections in one place. Everything I need (in theory) is all in my bullet journal.

My system isn’t perfect yet. I’m still reading lots of articles about bullet journaling. I’m still trying new things and figuring out what works for me. But I know that this is a system I’m sticking with, and I’ll keep y’all along for the journey.



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