About #ProjectSunshine

The mission of #ProjectSunshine is to bring more positivity, encouragement, good juju and sunshine into the world.

#ProjectSunshine stems from several things. I firmly believe that kindness is important and can have a ripple effect; if you do something nice for someone they will pass it on, and it will go on and on and on. That kindness has to start somewhere, so why not here, with the blog, with me?

#ProjectSunshine also stems from my Masters Project, a kindness curriculum I created, known as #ProjectKindness, or #PK for short. As much as I believe kindness is instinctive, I also believe that it can be taught. It’s something I strive to do in every classroom I am in. I believe it is so important to build and foster a community of kindness, which is what I hope to do here.

A brief update, now that it’s 2017. #ProjectSunshine is still about all the good things I mentioned above. I’ve written a lot about how that isn’t going to change. But there’s also room for growth, and #ProjectSunshine is growing. I also want to talk about me, my life, the good I’m finding in the world. And of course I’m talking about kindness and spreading kindness. It’s more important now than ever.