Good Things

I’ve talked about a lot of different things this week. Heck, I’ve talked about a lot of different things this month. April hasn’t been the easiest or smoothest sailing month, but there has been a lot of good. And I want to give some of those things a shout out.  Shout out to the woman […]

Checking In

I almost forgot to post today. It would have been easy to forget; I’ve been thinking about lesson plans and writing journals and unearthing my bed from that pile of clothing I didn’t wear today… I digress. What’s important is that today was a great day full of great things. I went shopping with my […]

Types of Love Part 5

I’ve been working to spend February documenting different types of love. It’s been a great and positive way to be spending the month, and I’m so glad I decided to go down this path.  Today I want to talk about the love that comes with friendship. I’m not necessarily focusing on “you’re my best friend/person” […]