Types of Love

Yesterday I posted about the different types of love that exist in the world, and how we shouldn’t hate on Valentine’s Day just because we’re single. And I talked about parental love and familial love and friendship love and pet love among other types. And I said that there were more types. Like that warm […]


I’ve thought about this blog a lot lately, because I’ve thought about a lot of different things lately. January has been a really challenging month for me; I started the month off super sick with bronchitis, and then my job, which I love, became super challenging. Add in the gray dreary weather, and I was […]

2017 Adventures

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time thinking about this blog and my other blog (englishnook.wordpress.com). As I’ve mentioned, since getting my job at the end of August, I’ve been alarmingly absent from both of them. Teaching takes up an incredible amount of time and energy, as does my two hour round trip commute. Unfortunately […]

Winter Check In

So it’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve written because all at once life became incredibly busy. I spent most of this spring and summer applying for job after job after job, and finally at the end of August I was hired. Since then I’ve had to hit the ground running, make my long […]