Fairy Tales

I love fairy tales. I love all fairy tales. I love Disney versions. I appreciate the Brothers Grimm versions. I love seeing how different cultures interpret fairy tales. And I adore modern reinventions of fairy tales. There are a lot of reasons to love fairy tales. For one thing, they show that life isn’t perfect. […]

Types of Love Part 5

I’ve been working to spend February documenting different types of love. It’s been a great and positive way to be spending the month, and I’m so glad I decided to go down this path.  Today I want to talk about the love that comes with friendship. I’m not necessarily focusing on “you’re my best friend/person” […]

Types of Love

Yesterday I posted about the different types of love that exist in the world, and how we shouldn’t hate on Valentine’s Day just because we’re single. And I talked about parental love and familial love and friendship love and pet love among other types. And I said that there were more types. Like that warm […]